Tuesday, June 22, 2010

man: just take em outside to breath for a while…

woman: no. they are fish. they'll just grow legs and slander the neighbors heavy weighted daughters again. remember last time?

man: no. i spend half my nights naked among stars breathing rhythms. beating on my chest parts till i cant no longer remembers simple things like beating breakfast or taping up shims on motor stretches. its all one blur. one long blindingly bright blur that stretches. i feel like fucking the incredible hulk or dr jeckll… well wait thats worded wrong... i dont literally want to have intercourse with the aforementioned characters but am evoking the sense of utter despair in the word fucking… as to say i am fucking totally the incredible fucking spiderman of your deadbeat dad dreams.

woman: well i cooked you some breakfast the least you could do is soup it up and put some on your chins for later…

man: in due time woman, life is not about various wet breads and clammy cold sausages. theres more youll see. theres great big ass football fields and prairies with no end to infectious creatures all with signatures likes and dislikes. fears. objects that help them distinguish other objects from other ones in inventory. youll see. the future is here. right now. like right…. now….. and even right now… as i speak these very words theres a man on outerspace walking around maybe with some sunshades or something on somewheres. theres gotta be. and if there aint then theres one off in the keys or making out with some shady lady underneath a bush.

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