Sunday, July 11, 2010

The last time you took it out for a ride, what was i like * 8? i remember that shit like it was 19 years ago… especially the hot heat and fake uprooted grass upon my toes playing soccer and riding the air conditioning unit like it was a fucking space cube or floating protective agent against a variety of varying agents of harm. lava for one maybe a safe haven against uh attacking apes or maybe not apes but like a pedastal you know? shit was easier back then. back when we got drunk dancing around middle aged mexicans who were too drunk to notice that this 7 year old had just made a mix drink and was about to beat someone up wwf style and get hurt real serious. laying in bed with whats her name naomi. 12 years old in my parents car looking up at the stars making out with this 17 year old mexican immigrant with big breasts and a real strong itch to kiss. going up for air. laying in bed. she was kissing you then me and i just wanted to touch her boobs back then. i think i mistook your leg for hers and we rubbed feet for a while which in retrospect was pretty awkward. making burritos later staring at the ceiling fan for comfort. joining gangs and shit.


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