Monday, July 12, 2010

last night was full of grease. and spit and shit and anything you could get your grubby little fingers on. thats not the matter though, the point is that these holes, worm holes if you will really lead nowhere. taking you down paths and places already visited. the pen ink dries and whats left? no pen no let loose and a whim already saved by god knows who.
the sunset caught my eye that night dreary and repress-ant. if you could just have taken it all and left what others left behind youd probably find yourself a rich man underneath covers writhing and wriggling on your waterbed unsure of your exact latitude and longitude but no one is counting and that happens to be you. the headboard with its grains and tiny foldable ninja turtles and years later… youll… find…. yourself…. in bed or on a couch with a coochie to call your own… and you wont know what to make of these tiny plastics that inhabit the crevasses when your not around to give diction. guess where youll be in 10 years or less and i bet youll be wrong. you wanna be in a hut? you wanna be in a reach around night gown giving nights the want to be someone? give me a hand?
times are supposedly tough right now and im supposed to be real scared and feared of the country but the only thing i can think of is how to get off this shit. is how i can crawl around it and make it something other than what it has already been or wanted to be or can be. \\\\
i hit walls coming up with explanations in the wee hours of the morning of how its how it always has been or if not for this than for that and well…. you know quantum physics is of no help except in theory. except in those desperate times when nothing goes my way and i can figure my way out of anything. there has got to be some sub atomic wave im not riding or some thing that i see while im not seeeeeing some deaf girl im not listening to...

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