Monday, July 12, 2010

for all you know in 6 months time you could be in total satisfaction. shitting on those motherfuckers who took the life out of you or for all i fucking care to all those who gave you nothing but a slate,,, a slate of regurgitated slander… or to them might seem like the most possible way to go.

take your butt in the front and lead it somewhere else. let it rythym in your pants and become another person inside of you. let it be a krang. let it be a master blaster. if you will let it destroy as many lives as you can while its being useless with all of your cokes and fat filled foods. you got a shit in your belly that might as well have a delivery date.

and a thirst for stolen meat makes your forehead sweat uncontrollably like i felt when i wanted arthur nersessians chinese takeout. i stuffed that shit so deep in my jeans and walked out like you did passing me with that look like you were caught.

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